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Pretty inconsistent with uploads, sorry. Uh. I upload whatever I feel like. NSFW, fluff, fanfics/art, writings, some digital but not much, and pencil and inked stuff. Thanks for checking my gallery out :icondramaticdeanplz:





So, can someone kindly explain to me why it is that I, a language major, have to waste my time, money and sanity taking math courses? I just barely failed the TSI my senior year in high school and ya know what that forced me to do? Take three remedial math courses during my first year of college. Which, I'm sure all you college-goers out there know, is extremely fucking expensive in the long run. AND I'M MAJORING IN JAPANESE. TO TRANSLATE MEDIA. Why do I need to know how to do fucking algebra?! Seriously, I've been spending weeks on and off trying to study for this stupid TSI retake 'cause I failed Developmental Math Thinking (which is NOT easy despite what the fucking counselor TOLD ME before I enrolled for the damn class). It was my last remedial class and even if I'd passed that, I would've had a few more math classes ahead of that. Seriously, what is this shit? I mean, I took and passed these classes in high school and to have to take them again; it's just infuriating. Even after I pass this stupid TSI retake, I'm still got the next few math courses. It feels like such a waste of my time and money to be taking theses courses.

So can someone explain, maybe from a political view, why I need these classes? I mean, I took the basics in high school and I really feel it's stupid as fuck that I have to continue taking math courses when it will (most likely) in no way benefit the career I'll be spending another three to four years working towards. I mean, I've heard about how European countries are doing better than us, but even that doesn't seem like a good reason to force me to take math courses to get my stupid two years.
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I'd like to establish something. I don't give a shit if you think the stuff I post is immoral, weird, stupid, etc. I POST WHAT I WANT. Thank you.

If you can't tell there's something wrong with me just by looking at my page, either we're in the same boat or you're dense.

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Yaois I like: JJR, I Want to be Naughty, Hana*koi, Lover's Doll, and I Can't Even Breathe Without You, Love Stage, Boys Like You, Tripping Over You

Oh, and I like to eat and work out. I would not like life without music.

How to fix tablet:
So after that, whenever the tablet malfunctions, all you have to do is double click the backup file and say yes when it asks to restore your tablet to its original settings, and that should fix it

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