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Pretty inconsistent with uploads, sorry. Uh. I upload whatever I feel like. NSFW, fluff, fanfics/art, wriings, some digita but not much, and pencil and inked stuff. Thanks for checking my gallery out :icondramaticdeanplz:






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So I thought I'd give it a try. to start? I started on dA about 4 years ago and the first thing I did was put up a bunch of crappy tabby drawings made with dA muro.

just take the damn umbrella... by AndrogynousRabbit

I was introduced to deviantart by a friend I met in seventh grade that I actually kinda miss. I'm pretty sure they're still around here and they're suuuuper skilled. They were my inspiration to start drawing in the first place, in fact. At first, though, I drew dogs and a pig, not people. As I do now. I'd look at my friend's drawings and my own and feel like I was no good. So I started drawing people. And I thought I was kinda good, as I didn't have anyone to compare to.

Sigh by AndrogynousRabbit  Those times... by AndrogynousRabbit  

But, as the years went on, I got better and better at drawing and made it a stress relief outlet...thing. Yeh. I even made OCs like these guys. And something for fun.

FELIX by AndrogynousRabbit  Borus at uni by AndrogynousRabbit  MY BABIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSS by AndrogynousRabbit   

I guess about a year into being here, I made a second account where I put everything sexual, including my yaoi, yuri, and plain ol' hetero stuff. Oh, and furry stuff. I love furry stuff *w* Not all of it was explicit, but ya know. Not too long ago, I ended up moving everything to this account because it was frustrating and too time consuming to manage two accounts. 

Best Kiss by AndrogynousRabbit  

Ya know what's embarrassing? When I first started out here on dA, I was super innocent and junk. And as such, I was shy and nervous to talk to people. Or, that's how I remember it for the most part. I even talked in third person, jeez x-x Now, as those of you who pay attention to my journals and deviations can see, I'm a lot more outgoing and...explicit with my language and art now.

But yeah, I've been through a lot on this site and met a lot of people who have inspired me and helped me through tough times and just been there when I felt like talking to someone. And I've made mistakes here, too. Done stupid shit. And it scared me, but blew over. And I was fine after. Because of y'all being there. So thank y'all for everything. All of you who have been there for me and helped me through tough times and supported my art and writings, no matter how crazy or weird or maybe even disturbing they were. Or even just giving me advice when I couldn't figure something out; confusing or simple. And thank you for being there in the future as well. Everything really means a lot.

Anyways, that's my dA story, I guess. Sorry it's so long. Thanks, guys. I love all of y'all. And y'all know who y'all are. Y'all. xD The people who have helped me, loved me, made me laugh (even if we only thanked each other for a fav or llama or watch or whatever), supported me, guided me, and even inspired me with your art. Thanks, everyone.

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  • Reading: Burning Wild
  • Watching: Rise of the Guardians
  • Playing: Pokemon
  • Drinking: Iced tea w/ lemon


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I'd like to establish one thing. I don't give a shit if you think the stuff I post is immoral, weird, stupid, etc. I POST WHAT I WANT. Thank you.

:iconlinkdanceplz1: :icondamnitplz:

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My fave yaoi mangas/animes are JJR, I want to be naughty, hana*koi, lovers doll, and I cant even breathe without you.

Oh, and I like to eat and work out. And I would not like life without music.

How to fix my tablet:
So after that, whenever the tablet malfunctions, all you have to do is double click the backup file and say yes when it asks to restore your tablet to its original settings, and that should fix it. XD

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