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Pretty inconsistent with uploads, sorry. Uh. I upload whatever I feel like. NSFW, fluff, fanfics/art, writings, some digital but not much, and pencil and inked stuff. Thanks for checking my gallery out :icondramaticdeanplz:




So, listening to dramatic orchestral music such as  
while figuring out what you thought was a complicated math problem. Not the best idea.My ego just sky rocketed. It was very difficult to reel back in ;v;
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  • Reading: The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Victor Hugo
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I'd like to establish something. I don't give a shit if you think the stuff I post is immoral, weird, stupid, etc. I POST WHAT I WANT. Thank you.


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My fave yaoi mangas/animes are JJR, I Want to be Naughty, Hana*koi, Lover's Doll, and I Can't Even Breathe Without You.

Oh, and I like to eat and work out. And I would not like life without music.

How to fix my tablet:
So after that, whenever the tablet malfunctions, all you have to do is double click the backup file and say yes when it asks to restore your tablet to its original settings, and that should fix it. XD


“No, Adrian, I don’t want to!!” Chiara yelled one apparently loud afternoon. “Shut up! You have to!” Adrian growled as he forced her onto the couch. Dammit, dammit, dammit!! This was the fifteenth time today he had tried to force her. Looks like this time, he wasn’t giving up.
“I don’t want to eat anything, Adrian!!” Chiara hissed. “Well you’re going to! Eating is the best way to get over a fever!” Adrian growled in response. “Noooooooo!!” Chiara exclaimed and pushed him away. Her stomach revolted and pulsated in a fit of nausea and she rushed into the restroom with her hand clamped over her mouth.
Adrian sighed and sat on the couch and crossed his arms, listening to Chiara gag in the toilet. After she came out, wiping her mouth, she sighed and sat on the couch. “That’s why I won’t eat anything…” She muttered, glaring at the floor.
Adrian sighed and set the plate of fish on the table. “Well I’m done trying to force you. I’ll take my leave for today…” He said and walked out of the door. Chiara groaned and lay on the couch, crossing her arms. “This vampire is really good at making me feel bad…” She growled, glaring at the ceiling. “How frustrating.” She mumbled and sat up.
As the day slowly flowed by, Chiara repaired book after book and, by the end of the day, was almost halfway done with all the books that needed fixing. A memory suddenly flashed through her mind and she gasped.
Adrian stood there, smiling and holding his hand out to her. She took it reluctantly and they started dancing in front of the fireplace. That…was a long time ago. He’s not the kind guy I thought he was… Then, Adrian was covered in dust and gravel and silt and held a lead pipe. His eyes were furious as Chiara stood behind him. That’s not… Adrian stood there with his eyes closed as she pulled her towel back around her.
Then he was on top of her in front of the fire place, kissing her so passionately it almost made her heart ache. “Darn it!!” She exclaimed as she stood up and kicked her chair over. She stormed to the couch and sat down, burying her face in her hands and sobbing uncontrollably.
Why do I have to remember all these things?! She screamed in her head as her shoulders violently shook. After several deep breaths, Chiara stood up and wiped her eyes. She left the shop, turning the sign to closed and locking the door.
She ran down the street unsure of where she was going. Hopefully some place quiet and empty. It was a rather cold day, colder than usual in fact, so maybe the park would be empty. Before she knew it, Chiara was at the train station.
Perfect. She thought. A train out of town might clear her head. Buying a ticket, she stepped on the train a few minutes later and sat down on a chair. After another few minutes, she felt a slight tap on her shoulder and looked to her left to see a man with light green hair smiling at her. She nodded at him and looked back at her hands.
With a gasp, she quickly looked back at the man. “Ch-Charles!” She said. He nodded, still smiling. “Nice to see you, too, Miss Chiara. Oh wow, you look pale.” He said. “E-eh? Oh, it’s nothing. How have you been?” She asked. “Alright, I suppose. Atticus and Kincaid are pretty irritable, though. They hate traveling.” Charles chuckled.
Chiara giggled. “Yeah, my dog didn’t like traveling either.” Her face fell to an unexpected sadness. She hadn’t thought about Zora since the funeral… “Miss Chiara?” Charles asked as he waved in front of her eyes. She gasped again and looked up at him.
“S-sorry. I was just remembering something.” She said. “If your dog is ill, I know a vet that might be able to help.” He offered. “Oh no, um…He died a while ago…” She mumbled, looking down at her feet. “Oh…I’m sorry for your loss.” He said quietly.
“A-anyways! What are you doing here? I haven’t seen you in ages.” Chiara suddenly laughed. Charles’s face brightened. “It hasn’t been that long, but I’m actually on my way to England. First, though, we’re all going to a café we love. Then we’re heading to an airport.” He said.
“Business-related, I suppose?” She chuckled. “Indeed.” Charles sighed, “I think we’re due for a vacation soon, though~” He chimed. The train stopped and a female voice spoke over the intercom telling them they had reached a destination.
“What about you? What are you doing on this train?” Charles asked. Chiara paused and finally looked at him. “I have no idea. I kind of had a break down and decided to leave town for a while.” She sighed. “Oh, I see. Having trouble with the love?” He smiled slightly, seeming to understand all too well.
“Eh? Oh, n-no! Adrian and I broke up a long time ago! I’m just taking a breather from my job.” She said, smiling back sullenly. “Oh! Forgive me, I’m prying too much.” He said. “No, not at all.” Chiara laughed. The train stopped again and the woman’s voice came over the intercom again.
“This is our stop. I’d better phone them and let them know. It was lovely seeing you again, Chiara. Stay well.” He smiled and left. Chiara waved until he was gone and sighed, slumping in her chair. I’m too worn out for this…She thought as a wave of nausea hit her. She got off at the next stop and took a train home.
By the time she got home, it was dark. She held a knife in her pocket to be safe and came to her book shop. She was surprised to find the lights on and the door unlocked. Adrian must have found the spare. She thought in annoyance.
When she entered the establishment, she was greeted with silence and sighed in relief. It didn’t last long, however, after she saw Adrian standing in front of her, glaring down at her. Chiara shrunk back, frightened, but regained her courage and glared back.
“Where have you been?” He asked. “I went on the train. Why do you care?” She asked. Adrian’s anger rose and he turned away from her, holding his forehead. “I’m just…You are so frustrating!” He snarled. Chiara paused, remembering when he’d mentioned it frustrating that they’d also get close and she’d chicken out at the last possible second before the big deed.
She stood there quietly, feeling her anger die away as she stared at the floor. “Adrian…” She mumbled. He turned to look at her. “Today, I…had a break down…” She said. “I…I remembered when we were together…” She said, holding her arms.
Adrian looked at her, unsure if he should feel insulted or sympathetic. Walking over to her, he hugged her and held the back of her head. “I’m sorry…” He said. “Adrian…” She mumbled. “Yes?” He said quietly. “I…I’m sorry about how I’ve been treating you lately. You’re just trying to help and be close to me and…I’m just making it harder on you. I‘m sorry.” She said.
“It’s fine. Just…sit down.” He said and helped her to the couch. She sat, pulling her knees to her chest. After a while, Adrian smiled. “You haven’t been this nice to me since we dated.” He chuckled. “Shut up.” Chiara half laughed. She sighed and Adrian placed an arm cautiously around her shoulders, watching her expression the whole time. She didn’t react.
“Am I allowed to do this?” He finally asked. Chiara smiled. “Yes.” She laughed quietly. “Chiara…” He whispered. She looked up at him. He pulled her into his lap and hugged her tightly, looking down at her tenderly with a gentle smile. She blushed and looked up at him.
His smile seemed to bring warmth to her as he placed his chin on her head. Chiara wrapped her arms around his waist, somehow unsure of this long-forgotten feeling welling up inside her.
A New Town A New Life 3 Final
And this is the end. I was reading it going "Pleasedon'tkisspleasedon'tkissPLEASE.DON'T.KISS" //sigh of relief
Chiara shivered, rubbing her arms despite the fact that they were clad in a black leather jacket. I’m almost to the shop. Just one more street. She said in attempt to calm herself. Passing the bakery and the daycare, she could feel a presence behind her. She sighed and turned around. “Adrian, I know that’s you! I told you not to follow me home!” She exclaimed.
Out of the shadows stepped a burly man. He smirked at her as he held up his knife. Chiara’s glare melted into wide-eyed terror. She turned and ran. She screamed. Seeing as that was the only logical thing to do while running from a dangerous pursuer.
She screamed for help until it was either scream or run. Taking the obvious choice, she finally made it to her shop and fumbled with her keys as the man drew closer and closer. Finally unlocking the entrance, she was pulled away from the door and found a knife at her cheek.
“Such a pretty face. I just wanna cut it all up.” He laughed with malice in his voice. “I think you’d better rethink that.” A voice came from behind them. “Huh?” The man with the knife looked over his shoulder to see another man hidden in the shadows of the streets.
He walked towards them and Chiara gasped. “A-Adrian!” She said. “You were right, I did follow you. But I hadn’t planned on being obvious, or letting you find out. Guess the cat’s out of the bag.” He said. “Shut up! Take even one more step towards me, and I’ll slice her head clean off her neck!” The man warned, pulling Chiara up and holding the knife to her neck.
“Oh, I wouldn’t do that.” Adrian said, walking towards the man with red eyes. “You see, I’m a vampire, and that girl’s blood isn’t on my menu. But it looks like yours is.” Adrian smirked, letting his fangs shine in the moonlight.
The man suddenly trembled with fear, but found he couldn’t move to run away. As Adrian appeared in front of the mugger, he pulled Chiara behind him and punched the man square in the jaw, dislocating it and giving him a bloody mouth.
“Chiara, call the police.” Adrian said through clenched fangs. She didn’t argue. She quickly pulled out her cell phone and dialed the number as her hand shook. The cell phone dropped from her hand and she growled and picked it up again.
“Police department, what is your emergency?” A man asked. “Th-the-there was a man. He, um…he…” She dropped the phone again. “Chiara…” Adrian walked over to her, picked up the cell phone, and sat on his haunches next to her, wrapping his arm around her shoulders.
“Hello? Yes, my friend was mugged. I was nearby and heard her screaming, so I went to see what happened and there was a man holding a knife to her face. I knocked him out and then we called you…Yes…Yes…Uhuh. We’re on the street with the book-repair shop? I’m sorry; I can’t see the street sign from here.” He said.
“We’ll be right there.” The officer said. “Alright, thank you officer.” Adrian said and snapped the phone shut. “Chiara, we’re going inside.” He said. When she didn’t respond, Adrian squeezed her shoulders, shaking her from side to side with a gentle smile.
“C’mon, Chiara, let’s go…If you don’t get up, I’ll kiss you and do various other horrible things to you.” He said in a bland tone. She didn’t respond, just stared at the sidewalk. His smile faded and he leaned towards her, placing his lips on hers.
He sat there for all of two seconds before he quickly pulled away, stood up while picking her up, and walked into the shop. He sat her at her desk and then walked back outside to watch the mugger. The police pulled up and arrested the man, asked Adrian a few questions, then went inside to speak to Chiara.
“Honestly, officer, I don’t think she’s okay to talk right now. She’s in serious shock. She couldn’t even hold her cell phone a few minutes ago.” Adrian said. “Look, boy, I know Chiara; and you’re probably right, but I still want to check on her, alright?” The officer growled and stood near her.
Placing his hand on her shoulder, he received a barrage of screams, punches, and kicks. Adrian quickly pulled her up into his arms and she calmed, clinging to him. “It’s alright, love. Don’t be scared, I’ll protect you.” He crooned in her ear.
He looked at the officer crossly. “It’s fine. Just look after her and I’ll call tomorrow.” The officer said with a sigh. He left and shut the door behind him. Adrian now stood in front of her and stared at her quietly with crossed arms.
“What should I do here? On the one hand, I could simply tuck her into bed and be done with it. Or, on the other hand, I could have a bit of fun…so tempting~” He sighed and shook his head in defeat. “She’d never forgive me if I did something to her right now.” He said and picked her up like a child, letting her head fall on his shoulder.
“Up we go.” He said as he walked to the back of the shop. He set her on the large couch and threw her jacket over her. When he turned to leave for the exit, he felt a tug on his shirt, and looked over his shoulder. Chiara was elevated, using her elbow, and stared up at him blankly.
He turned and sat on his haunches in front of her. “What’s wrong, love?” He asked. She simply stared at him in silence. “…Cat got your tongue?” He chuckled. When he received no answer, his smile faded and he sat down and let her lay on his lap, placing his hand on her shoulder and rubbing her arm.
Chiara woke up feeling a strange comfort she hadn’t felt in a rather long time. Longer than she cared to recollect to. Looking around, she found she was in the book shop. “Jeez…” She mumbled as she sat up. Then she gasped, realizing why she’d felt so at ease. “Adrian!!” She exclaimed.
He smiled mischievously and looked up at the girl on top of him. “Yes milady?” He asked playfully. She huffed and quickly climbed off the couch. Standing up, she turned and was about to walk off before Adrian grabbed her hand.
“Please wait. Please?” He pleaded. She turned to face him, annoyed. “Why should I?” She asked. He looked down, but refused to release her. “There’s nothing saying you should…I’m just begging you to.” He said.
“…Adrian, I don’t know how you can expect me to trust you.” She shook her head and pulled away, heading for the door. “Chiara!” He exclaimed and stood up. The door shut and she was gone. He stared at the door before flopping onto the couch with a heavy breath.
Chiara stormed off to the coffee shop and ordered coffee with dark chocolate added in. “Isn’t that a little sweet for you?” Bill asked as he handed her the cup. “More so than usual.” She huffed and leaned against the wall and took a swig.
“Stressed, huh? What’s up?” He asked. “It’s nothing.” She dismissed the question with a wave of her hand. “Oh c’mon, you can’t fool an old coot like me. Tell me what’s on your mind.” He laughed. Chiara smiled at him and sighed.
“Oh alright. It’s just…men are so stupid. The one guy I opened up to totally betrayed me about a year and a half ago and now here he is, in my life again, and I just…I don’t know if I should trust him.” She shook her head and slumped against the wall.
Bill looked at her with sad eyes and let out a breath. “Sounds like love to me if anything ever did.” He smiled. “What?!” Chiara demanded. “Heh, well, really. You sound like you still like him or you’d have beaten him to death by now.” The old man burst into laughter.
Chiara looked down with a blank expression and took another sip, unable to argue. “Ya know…caffeine isn’t good for you; especially when you’re angry or stressed. It raises your blood pressure.” He shrugged. “Yeah…Can you make me a green tea?” Chiara handed him the cup and he took it back with a smile and nodded.
Chiara walked back to the book shop and stood at the door with her jaw reaching for the ground. That vampire was still here. On the couch. Just sitting there. Taking a breath, she opened the door and stepped in. The vampire’s eyes immediately found her and he stood up.
“Chiara, I-” She held up her hand and he silenced. “I just…I want to ask you…why the fuck you’re here. Talking to me and putting thoughts into my head.” She said with lethal seriousness. Adrian paused and sighed. “You’re still dense?” He finally asked in a light tone.
“Oh for the love of- That is it!” She growled and turned for the door. “Wait, Chiara, I’m sorry! Please don’t go.” He said and grabbed her. Pulling her into his arms, he buried his face in her hair. “I want you…I want to be with you…I know I don’t deserve you, but…Please…I just want a second chance.” He whispered.
Chiara stared down at the floor, almost wanting to close her eyes and shrug him off. But she didn’t. She held his hand and turned her head to look at him. He didn’t move, just held her tighter, nuzzling more into her hair as if it were a blanket he could hide in. “I’ll try…okay? I’ll try again.” She whispered back.
A New Town A New Life 2
Sooooooooooooorry it's so long .-.
“Uuuuuuugh.” Chiara groaned as she stepped into the book shop, the door’s bell chiming, and shrugged off her jacket. Walking to the back of the shop, she came back out minutes later on her cell and holding a stack of old torn up books. “Yes, I’m doing fine…Well of course… …Yeah. Darn it, Cala, I’m starting to think you’ve turned into a mother.
“Are you sure there’s no secretly adopted child?” She laughed. “Sh-shut up! I’ve just matured and become a little more caring for others! It doesn’t mean I won’t come down there and bite your head off!” She said through clenched teeth in a menacing tone.
Chiara now sat at a desk with a large head lamp as she laughed. “Please don’t hurt me!” She laughed even harder as Cialta called for her in the background to clean up breakfast dishes. “Ugh I gotta go.” Cala said and hung up.
Chiara couldn’t help but pass a chuckle as she sized up the damage on the first book she was about to attempt to fix; antique. “Jeez…it’s so old and beat up…” She sighed.  Gathering her supplies, she started picking at the parts that would have to be replaced.
The door’s bell chimed again and she looked up, adjusting her glasses. Unable to see the customer around the numerous mountainous piles of books, she got up to go and greet them. Patting the dust from the book off her jeans, she approached them.
“Welcome to my book shop. What can I help you with?” She asked as she looked up. The man she saw stared at her with widened and shocked eyes. Her eyes immediately mimicked his. “A-A-Adrian!?” She exclaimed as she took a step back.
“Ch…Chiara.” He said, dumbfounded. Chiara quickly composed herself and looked at him more confidently. “What are you doing here?” She asked. “I…I just came to…look at a few books-What are you doing here?” He suddenly asked, trying to wrap his head around the fact that he was talking to the girl he hadn’t seen in so long.
Chiara paused, then turned and started back to the book she needed to repair. “It’s none of your business. Why would you care anyways?” She asked. “What’s that supposed to mean? You make it sound like I shouldn’t.” Adrian said as he followed her.
She whirled around to face him, annoyed. “You make it sound like you would.” She countered. The vampire stared at her with guilt. “Well why wouldn’t I?” He asked. Chiara scoffed, shaking her head. “You sucked me dry and left me for dead. Isn’t it obvious?” He looked down quietly, then back at her. “I don’t suppose we could discuss this over some tea?” He asked.
They walked down the street quietly, Chiara holding a cup of coffee and wearing a black leather jacket, a purple shirt, and jeans. Adrian held a cup of tea and wore a long-sleeved dark red shirt and jeans. “So…What have you been doing lately?” Chiara asked. “Just running the business.” Adrian shrugged. “Oh, I see. Just that?” She asked, hiding the suspicion in her voice. Adrian nodded, taking a sip.
“And what about you? I’m curious how you ended up here in this old hole-in-the-wall town.” He said, looking down at her. She spread a bit of distance between them and nodded. “A while after I got back home, I moved out here in hopes of finding a good job and such. I met old man Chevary and he took me under his wing as his apprentice.”
She sighed as she looked ahead. “He died recently and left the shop to me. I remember he once told me I had to keep it going because it’d been in his family for so many generations; that it had to be me. I still don’t understand.
“But now I’m stuck here. I guess I don’t mind.” She shrugged. Adrian nodded, piecing it all together. It actually made quite a bit of sense. “I see. But you’ve changed. You seem more confident now; independent.” He said. Chiara looked up at him with raised eyebrows and lowered eyelids. “Oh really, you think so? I wonder.” She said.
“Yeah…You seem…Heh, I can’t put my finger on it.” He chuckled. Chiara shrugged as she sipped her coffee. “How did you meet the old man?” Adrian asked. “Oh…eheh. It’s actually kind of weird. I was walking around-getting my bearings, ya know?-and I saw him walking down the street holding an old book.
“It looked interesting, but I didn’t wanna walk up to him because he looked kinda mean. So I followed him to his book shop. A few days later, I decided to check out the shop. I walked in and bought a book. Every so often, I’d go back for another.
“Eventually, he offered me a job since I seemed to like books so much. Of course we’d spoken a few times before. We’d become friends. So here I am.” She sighed, looking at him. “Funny, I never thought you the stalker type.” Adrian said. “Th-that’s all you got out of that?!” Chiara exclaimed as she punched at him.
Adrian laughed as he placed his hands on her shoulders, holding her back. She immediately pulled back and calmed herself. “Huh? Chiara are you alright?” He asked. “...Yeah. C’mon, let’s go.” She said and started walking ahead. He quickly walked after her.
“Well…that was strangely painless. Catching up with you.” Chiara said as she stared at the setting sun. “Jee, thanks.” Adrian said, somewhat disgruntled. She laughed and sighed. “Well…I’ve gotta get going. Are you staying in town?” She asked.
“Huh? Oh, no, I’m not. Just came to look for a book.” He said. “What book?” Chiara asked. “‘How To Get A Girl Back’.” He winked at her jokingly, leaning close to her. She rolled her eyes as she pushed him away. “Seriously, what book was it?” Adrian smiled, backing off as he pursed his lips.
“I’m actually not sure what the title is. It’s an old book about old vampires. I’ve been searching and searching for it.” He sighed. “Sounds like for a long time.” Chiara noted. “Yeah, it has been.” He growled, looking the other way with extreme annoyance.
Chiara laughed and backed up, doing a twirl with her hands behind her back. “Well later, vamp boy.” She smiled and started walking. “H-hey, Chiara!” He exclaimed. She stopped and looked over her shoulder at him questioningly.
“Let me walk you home. It’s almost dark out.” He said quickly, taking a step towards her. “If it’s almost dark, shouldn’t I be getting away from the monsters?” She asked with an empty smile. “W-what?” Adrian asked.
She laughed and turned to face him. “Don’t worry about me. This is a pretty close-knit community. Everybody knows everybody, so I’ll be fine.” She assured him. “Bye!” She called and ran off. “Ch-Chiara!” He called after her, but made no move to follow. With a sigh, he went the opposite direction she had.
She woke up in a new room…Zora was next to her and he whimpered as she looked at him. “Good morning, Zora.” She said in a raspy voice. Arg. Must be from all that screaming… She thought as she rubbed Zora’s head.
He whined loudly and found his way under her arm, nuzzling her. Chiara smiled weakly and hugged him tight. “What happened last night…Adrian bit me and…Balthazar got me, but…then what? Adrian…” She stared at the blankets forlornly and sighed.
Her red, puffy eyes threatened to water again, but she quickly fought back the tears by picking up her cell phone in hopes of contacting Cialta or Cala. “They’re gonna kill me for not having called them sooner.” She mumbled as she opened the phone. “W-woah! That’s a lot of messages…” She said in a shocked tone.
Her messages folder was filled with voice mails and text messages from Cala, Cialta, and her mother, father, and various other friends and relatives. With a sigh, she called her parents, assured them that she was fine and had just gotten carried away in a library (which for some reason made complete sense to them), and hung up.
Now came the hard part. The part where she had to call Cala and Cialta and deal with both of their yelling. The very worst part of it was that Cialta would most likely be screaming even louder than Cala. When she got angry, there was no stopping her.
Either that or she’ll be crying. “…Here goes.” She dialed their number and listened to the ringer. When they picked up, Chiara was greeted by several questions in a panicked tone by Cialta. Cala was apparently at Chiara’s apartment, cleaning and such. Weird…
“When are you coming home?” Cialta finally broke the silence. That question actually hit kind of hard. When was I coming home? Chiara asked herself. “I-I dunno. I guess tonight or tomorrow morning.” She said.
“R-really? You mean it? Good! Look, neither I nor Cala have told your parents about Adrian, so please just come home, okay? We won’t say a word about him to anyone, okay?” Cialta begged. Chiara smiled with bliss.
“I promise. I’ll start packing right now.” She said. After a few more minutes, Chiara hung up the phone and started pulling her clothes from the dresser they had somehow ended up in. “A bag. A bag…” She mumbled as she checked the closet.
Pulling what must have been some sort of traveling sack from the top shelf, she stuffed all her clothes in it and closed it, slinging it over her back. “Let’s go, Zora. Homeward bound.” She said in a pleasant voice. The dog barked and they left.
Chiara sighed shakily as she approached her apartment. After realizing she didn’t have enough money to get her all the way home, she was forced to pay, ditch the cab, and walk the rest of the way home. That had taken all night and Zora was now whining uncontrollably.
Coming to the door, Chiara opened it and sighed as she fed Zora. Now walking to the living room, she collapsed onto the couch and curled into a ball. “Chiara?” The wavy, frizzy-haired blond looked up to see two twins looking at her from the entrance of her room.
“C-Cala…Cialta…” She said quietly as she sat up, “What are you still doing here?” Cala looked at her with annoyance and walked over, picking the girl up and hugging her. Cialta quickly followed suit. “What do you mean ‘What are we still doing here?’? We were waiting for you. You’re our best friend; why wouldn’t we be waiting?” Cala asked.
Tears apparently decided that, right then and there, they wanted to go running down her face and make her look like a childish crybaby, because they did. Chiara once again allowed herself to empty her emotions. “I’m so sorry I’ve been gone so long.” She cried. Or at least, it felt like forever.
“I thought I was in love, but…I just…I was so wrong.” She sobbed as she rubbed at her eyes. Cala and Cialta looked at her with sympathy. “It’s alright. We understand. Really, we do. Please stop crying.” Cialta crooned. Chiara nodded and sighed shakily. “We’re just glad you’re back.” Cala said with a smile. “Yep, I am.” Chiara laughed. The three of them laughed together and spent the rest of the night together.
Nips and Kisses 9
Very short. So, there is a sequel to this series called A New Town; A New Life. It's just a continuation 'cause I couldn't let it end like this. Because I'm a love freak. Not in a pervy way, but, like, I just can't let my characters not be in love. I cannot deprive them of such bliss :icontaigacraiplz:

So yeah.
Chiara wandered around the cold halls and stopped to stare at a painting. A man with a thin mustache and dark brown hair posed with a rifle and a bloodhound. “Seems a little…old-fashioned.” She chuckled and continued down the walkway.
She stopped and stared out the window at the moon. Large and bright, Chiara could see why it symbolized beauty. She sighed and went ahead, passing several rooms and stopping at one she thought she’d heard a shuffling sound in.
Leaning her ear against the door, it suddenly opened to reveal a somewhat annoyed Adrian looking down at her. She quickly backed away, holding her hands behind her back. “S-sorry! It’s just…we never ended up exploring the mansion, so I went ahead by myself.”
He stared at her quietly and leaned against the doorframe. “Shouldn’t you be asleep?” He asked, almost sounding bored. “W-what?” She asked, confused by his sudden -and random- change in behavior and tone. “W-well…I wasn’t tired.” She mumbled.
He watched as she fidgeted and kicked her foot gently and smiled. “Come and sit with me.” He said as he walked back into the room. Grateful that he welcomed her, she quickly followed him into what must have been his office.
A desk sat with its side against the wall. The top of it was littered with stacks of papers; on the corner sat a lamp and an ink bottle and quill. How cool. He writes with traditional materials. She smiled, blushing slightly.
“Chiara…” He whispered in her ear from behind. She jumped and whipped around to face him, but he wasn’t there. A hand from behind held hers tenderly and she looked over her shoulder to see Adrian smiling gently.
“Come here.” He said and sat on his chair. She climbed into his lap, wrapping her arms around his neck, and hugging close to him. He wrapped his arms around her waist, holding her against him. “Hey Adrian?” She said. He grunted in response.
She pulled away from him and stood up. “Um…I…I’ve been thinking about what you said last night…” She said. “Oh really? Anything good?” He asked. “G-good? W-well…I suppose you could say its…good.” She muttered, blushing.
“Hold on…Are you saying what I think you’re saying? You’ll let me?” He asked. She nodded quickly and held her hands together below her stomach. “So…um…” She looked at the floor quietly, waiting for his next move.
His strong arms wrapped around her shoulders and she looked up, somewhat surprised. “A-Adrian…” She said quietly. “C’mere.” He said as he lifted her chin up to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he pushed his tongue into her mouth.
She smiled into the kiss, thinking she was finally ready for this. Finally ready for this special thing she was going to do with Adrian. He pulled away and she looked at him, confused. He suddenly pulled her against him aggressively as he forced his lips against hers. She yelped, unsure whether she should cling to him or pull away. His tongue pushed hard against hers and she felt a slight sting on her lip.
Adrian froze and his hands squeezed her sides before he released her and forced her to stand. “A-Adrian.” She whimpered while touching the blood from her lower lip. He looked down, covering his nose and mouth with his hand. The ashamed look he had on his face killed her. She couldn’t take it.
As she took a step towards him, he didn’t react. Confused, Chiara took another step; he looked at her. “Adrian…” She paused and noticed his eyes had taken on their scarlet color. His hand lowered to his chin as she stepped even closer.
He licked the blood from his lips. That’s differ- Her thought was interrupted by a tongue glossing over her lower lip. She focused on him, his eyes having taken on a darker shade. “A-Adrian? Are you alright?” She asked, taken aback.
He growled and sucked the cut on her lip, making her flinch in confusion. Pulling away, he quickly moved to her neck. Fear immediately flooded down every vein in the girl’s body, but she settled. This is what I’ve encouraged him to do since we got here.
She let herself lean against him and shut her eyes. His arms snaked around her waist as his fangs poked at the surface of her white skin. It sent shivers down her spine…Tilting her head up, he bit down and sucked.
At first, she was happy. Happy that he’d finally ended his hunger. Not to mention it felt amazing. But then a strange pain rushed into her and she had to hold onto him to keep from falling. Then she lost feeling in her limbs.
When she tried to tell him to stop, she found she couldn’t speak. He dropped her. Her head hit the floor and she yelped, but no sound came out. She looked up at him, feeling painful and betrayed almost. His breath was fast and blood leaked slightly from the sides of his mouth.
His eyes were empty. He looked right through her. Or if he didn’t, he had looked at her like she might as well have been a chair. He turned and left the room and the mental pain suddenly hit her. Hard. Like when a hurricane hits a house and tears it apart. Pretend that house is her heart. Now you know what just happened.
She cried. For the first time in years; really cried. He just abandoned me and it was because all he had really wanted was to take a bite. Had he done this to others? Other hopelessly in love girls? It isn’t fair… She thought. The tears continued down her face. Unending streams of wet salt; running down the sides of her face. The door suddenly slammed back open and a large man with a scar across his face picked her up, checking her pulse.
“Chiara, can you hear me?!” He demanded, shaking her shoulders. “Chiara! Chiara!!” He yelled. She didn’t answer. Didn’t want to. She wanted to crawl into a bed and wrap the covers around her like a cocoon. “Chiara, answer me! I know you can hear me!” He yelled.
She finally looked at him. Until that point, she hadn’t uttered a sound, but then, she screamed out and clung to him. Her shoulders shook uncontrollably as she screamed into his shoulder. He probably had placed his hand on her back, unsure of how to handle the position he had found himself in.
Nips and Kisses 8
I'm just putting up the rest of the story. I dunno why I never posted the rest since it's finished //shrugs

Heh, poor Balthazar.

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